Firm Profile

Our firm has been in business for over twenty-five years. We are a small firm that understands the needs of small businesses. Not only do we provide the basics, but we are a good resource for general business advice. We have gained a vast amount of business experience by helping hundreds of individuals and small businesses with taxes and planning. We feel this should be a huge part of our value to you. We can assist you in a number of ways in addition to traditional accounting – from hiring the right employee to purchasing the right insurance.

The strength of our firm lies in listening to our clients needs and planning for events and transactions rather than just reacting after the fact. We do a lot of hand holding to make our clients feel comfortable in whatever we are undertaking. Part of our philosophy is that transactions are not independent; a decision on the personal level may affect the individual's business or overall estate plan and vice versa. Proper planning requires the ability to see all facets of the decision as well as the integration into the master plan.